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Our original anthology - 15 years of Typos

Updated: Apr 16

NewsBiscuit ( was created in September 2006 by TV writer and author John O’Farrell to provide the UK with the first British online satire news site. One of the underpinning features of NewsBiscuit that still sets it apart from its competitors is that it exists to allow aspiring comedy writers an environment to develop and hone their skills at no cost to themselves, while providing the UK and beyond with a daily dose of satirical and comedic articles and tickers.

A group of six of the NewsBiscuit editors have assembled and curated over 500 comedic articles and several hundred one line jokes that have been published on the website over the last 15 years, covering topics ranging from UK and World news, Science, Technology, Sport and Faith, plus many more.

Hundreds of comedy gold stories and one-line tickers from the first fifteen years of Newsbiscuit available at Amazon in eBook, paperback and hardback formats. Also can be read for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited customer.

Go on - click the image, you know you want to!

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