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Palestinians now on the endangered list

The WWF have rated Palestinian survival on par with the Dodo and Prince Andrew's career as a Girl Guide protection officer. Sightings of a healthy Palestinian child are now as rare as a Starmer promise kept or a Sunak interview that does not make you cringe so hard, your sphincter implodes.

Almost hunted out of existance, the last remaining Palestinians want to fight back, but they could only get advice from grouse. Sadly, poachers and IDF pose with their grisly trophy kills and Joe Biden uses ground-up Palestinian as a cure for dementia and erectile disfunction.

Wild life experts predict the last Palestinian will die by Christmas, which in when turkeys usually get stuffed. A Netanyahu spokesman offered a solution: 'We could try putting them in some sort of Zoo? Put a wall around it, control their access to food and drink. Allow breeding in captivity, that sort of thing. Generally, treat them like animals. What do you mean, we've already tried that?'

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