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Perfectionist's nightmares about in app game adverts being played appallingly

Janet Wright, a 19.44-year-old perfectionist from Worthing, has been waking up late at night with the sweats. She explained, 'Smartphone applications I use keep forcing adverts on me which are irritating enough in themselves, and they are for silly little games I have no intention of playing. What really grinds my gears though, is that sequences of the games feature them being played terribly by a complete incompetent. To present decision making as horrific as that, I can only imagine they engage the services of Conservative politicians.

'There's this particular one which features a fish gobbling up other fish with clear values attached to them. The imbecile playing keeps choosing the fish with the lower value, like they are Chancellor of the Exchequer. Oh, oh, and this other game where you have to fit shapes into other larger shapes... who did they get to play that one for the advert sequence? The Prime Minister?'

Image: DrMedYourRasenn | Pixabay

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