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Photo edited to imply Prince Harry has spine

A spokesman for Meghan Markle admitted today that a photo of her and Prince Harry had been edited before being released to news agencies.

The picture, taken during the couple’s famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, clearly implies that the ginger milksop has a spine and is able to sit upright unaided.

'It was never our intention to deceive anyone,” said Markle’s social media manager. “I simply tried to remove the image of Megan’s hand in the middle of Harry’s back, as it looked like she was working his mouth throughout the interview.

'Which obviously is garbage. He was so completely broken and emasculated by then, Megan wouldn’t even need to be in the room to guarantee he’d only say whatever she wanted.'

He also denied editing out Harry’s left hand in broadcast footage of the interview, which some have claimed was repeatedly tapping out “Please help me” in Morse code.



Photo edited to imply Prince Wills has spine

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