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Police give up search for missing golf ball

After five days and with the light fading, Gloucestershire Police conceded that the ball has vanished without a trace. Over one hundred officers were drafted in from neighbouring constabularies. With the help of helicopters and bloodhounds, they covered a twenty-mile radius,

Said the golfer: ‘I’d only hit the ball 500 yards into thick jungle, so I fully expected to find it. After a cursory five-minute search, I notified missing persons and the coast guard – just to be on the safe side.

‘I haven’t ruled out kidnapping by international sex traffickers or it might have fallen down a rabbit hole, you just don’t know. I’ll never give up hope of finding it or of getting a birdy on the 16th.’

The golfer’s next of kin has been notified. Although his wife said, that since he took up golf, he had also been missing for the last ten years.

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