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Relatives “completely satisfied” with cosmetic, cost-free non-apology

Relatives of those who died in the infected blood scandal pronounced themselves “completely satisfied” with the empty platitudes mouthed by politicians today.

It’s thought thousands were infected with HIV or hepatitis when they were given Factor 8, a product made from blood harvested from some of the highest risk groups in the USA, despite multiple warnings this was obviously a terrible idea.

“What does it even mean when a politician apologises for something that happened decades ago?” asked one man whose entire family died as a result of this negligence. “Isn’t he basically blaming someone else, and by implication praising himself?”

”Nevertheless, now that Rishi Sunak’s read out some boilerplate written for him by an underling, I hardly miss them any more.”

”Agreed,” said another bereaved relative. “I don’t find it insincere at all. And nor should the government when I praise them and then vote for someone else.”

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May 21

"harvested from some of the highest risk groups in the USA,"

And Brexit was all about taking everything the USA wanted to unload on us.

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