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Rich boy makes sure to emphasise how hard his dad works

18-year-old fresher Luca was left harrowed after a fellow student suggested that he came from wealth.

‘I do, but that’s not the point,’ Luca tells us.

The Exeter fresher had done everything in his power to hide his family’s exuberant wealth, from speaking in an affected East End accent despite being raised in Kensington to donning charity shop streetwear in order to blend in with the average man. These attempts were regrettably futile, as a female student noticed a set of tan-lines consistent with boat shoes, chinos and a puka-shell necklace that had been worn for months in a hot climate while watching a local man build a well.

‘I’m not going to apologise for where I come from,’ Luca says, smoking a Chesterfield Red. ‘Daddy’s worked his bally arse off to get where he is. Sometimes he’s in his office for three hours at a time.’

Luca took great pains to convey how hard his father works by explaining all the cello recitals he missed as Luca was growing up. While his exact job title hasn’t been disclosed, Luca reveals that it’s got “something to do with finance.”


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