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Rishi Sunak's poll ratings surge on promise of legislation for all year round pigs in blankets

Much beleaguered Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has finally found a formula to drive his polling numbers higher today when he announced a Royal Commission investigation into the possible introduction of legislation for supermarkets to stock pigs in blankets all year round.

'We have sausages all year round and we have bacon all your round, ' said Mr Sunak in a speech to Conservative think tank 'Britons for Traditional Values', 'so why can't we have Pigs in Blankets all year round!' There were rapturous cheers and whistles from the room.

'I will, next year, institute a Royal Commission tasked with the feasibility of introducing legislation compelling supermarkets and smaller concerns to stock Pigs in Blankets all year round.'

The announcement was met with all-party support, with Sir Keir Starmer even crossing the Parliamentary divide to shake Mr Sunak's hand. Even the Speaker rose to applaud the PM on his entry to Parliament this week.

It is thought that the Commission, likely to be headed up by Liz Truss, will be convened early next year with public eagerly awaiting it's findings.

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