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Roman opposition to HS2 found in Stoke Mandeville

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Researchers have found Roman artefacts in Stoke Mandeville that suggests the Holy Roman Empire was vigorously opposed to the HS2 Project. Stone carvings with ' HS duo vade in domum tuam' chiselled out alongside 'Non In Mi Tincidunt'.

'It appears the NIMT culture, the Roman predecessor to the NIMBY movement, was very much well defined in AD 220,' said an archaeologist, explaining that objections to public baths in certain areas often met with opposition, with 'quatio tua publicis balneis tuum asinum' being a common refrain from Romans living in Britain at the time.

The contractors building the rail network originally expected to link London with the North West and North East of England, now fifteen times over budget and expected to terminate at Weston Turville, said that they would give the representations equal standing to more contemporaneous objections . 'We'll ignore them, just as the Romans would do. When in Rome...' he added.

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