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Senior Leadership Teams express their dismay at Tory Leader candidates debate

mid-managers from a variety of institutions have expressed their disappointment with the Tory leadership debates so far. A spokesbeing from FuckwitsЯus, the union of senior managers told Newsbiscuit told us that his members had been hoping to see an original angle in the route up the greasy pole, but so far it's just been the same boring tearing each other to bits stuff that senior management colleagues do on a daily basis.

"The dirty tricks have been mediocre to say the least", he said. "My members were hoping to see a bit of originality, such as someone coming up with an absurd impractical idea they could use themselves when the top job in their sphere of inexpertise comes up for grabs, but it's been same old, same old so far. In fact it was so dull, I changed channels half way through to watch the final stages of the golf Open for something more exciting.

For me, it isn't just about the candidates, it's about the teams behind them, which can tell you a lot about the candidates. For example the one that organised the photo of Penny Mourdant wearing fake medals might have least have been professional enough to have photoshopped them in the right way round. We'll never be able to get an utter twat we can relate to into No.10 with such sloppy practice as that.

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