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Sign business that saw potential of Brexit floated on stock market

A sign making business that operated from a unit above a shoe repair shop in Hendon for many years while struggling to pay its bills has grown the business sufficiently to be floated on the stock market.

“Our success was all down to Brexit” said the Greg Anderson, owner of Brexisigns, formerly Hendon Signs and Trophies. “The shop downstairs had to close down after they could no longer get supplies of heels and soles on time to meet their orders and asked us to make them a closing down sign.

'Well it’s just as simple to make a dozen signs as it is one, once you’ve set the job up; and because I’d seen other shops were struggling, that’s what I did. The extra signs all went within a couple of days, so it seemed sensible to make some more and they went like hot cakes too.”

In the end, Greg’s business had to move to an industrial unit to cope with the demand.

Greg has been approached by Jacob Rees-Mogg to appear on his GB News show to talk about how Brexit enabled his success.

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

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