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Stonehenge Altar Stone was probably just a Viking picnic table say Welsh researchers

Welsh researchers from Aberystwyth University who have been studying the Stonehenge Altar stone for the last million years have concluded that unlike the other stones on the site, it isn’t made of igneous bluestone; and was probably just left there by Vikings who stopped off in Salisbury for a picnic and couldn’t be arsed to carry their rubbish home with them.

An application for Lottery funding is to be made in the hope that another million years of research will be able to reveal the stone appeared in an IKEA catalogue along with stone picnic chairs,.

However, the researchers stress it’s quite likely the Vikings never bought the full set, as it will have been before the days that buy now, pay later became popular and people lived within their means, buying picnic furniture bit by bit, as and when they were able to afford it.

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