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Tories have done more than any other party to encourage British culture

In a speech Rishi Sunak will be delivering to the Institute for Facile Communication later today, he will point out that but for the advantages of living under Tory governments, British arts would have fallen behind those of Greenland.

Mr Sunak is expected to point out that without Tory policies, Morrissey may well have never written “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” or how corporations learned from Morrissey’s complaints how they could boost their profits and how the British economy might also be boosted if it was ever able to enjoy the tax due of them.

Newsbiscuit gave the pre-speech press release to our 14-year old work experience student Mandy, to try to make sense of what it might mean to her, but she was unable to explain what the alternative to misery might be, since she’d never been given a glimpse of it.

Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash

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