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Transport for London turn down heating on buses to reduce crowding

The government has welcomed an initiative to keep "wrinklies" off the buses by turning off the heating and leaving the doors open.

'This is the kind of initiative that the country needs, enthused Minister of Transport, Grant Shapps, 'If poor people have to travel, why not make some room on the bus? Although Transport for London introduced the policy, I can reveal that the idea came from the Prime-Minister himself.'

There are also plans not stop at bus stops if the people queuing "look like scroungers".




By reducing the heating on buses, Transport for London aims to create a more comfortable environment for passengers, encouraging them to use public transportation and avoid overcrowding. This measure can help maintain a more pleasant atmosphere on buses, even during busy periods.

On the other hand, when comparing this approach to the trucking industry, there are some distinct differences. Real Trucking involves the transportation of goods rather than passengers, and the focus is on maintaining cargo integrity and safety during transit.

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