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Treasury confirms it is funded by CCHQ

'Notionally we're Civil Servants,' said a Treasury spokesman today, 'but we've noticed our pay slips now come from CCHQ.  We didn't realise at first, but someone pointed out we were being paid cash in plain brown packages and the pay slips were handwritten', he added.

Members of the public have complained that the Treasury has embarked on a series of social media messages boasting about the Government's success in halving inflation, reducing tax and slapping down Carol Vorderman.  The spokesman denied the Carol Vorderman accusation.  'That was Lord Bailey.  Probably Grant Schapps or maybe Michael Green, depending on the day of the week.  Might have been Johnny Mercer or his missus Mrs Minge, but it wasn't us,' he said, admitting he'd also received hate emails from the Bank of England.  'Apparently they don't think it was us who halved inflation, either,' said the spokesman, ruffling a handful of tenners.  'I don't care, I've a Tweet to draft claiming the Treasury has secured World Peace,' he said.

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