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Truss accuses journalists of reporting rubbish, or press releases as they are also known

'Just because Liz issued a press release saying she was going to save £8.8bn from the £9bn Civil Service payroll bill by matching the wages of the unimportant so-called workers - that is, the ones outside of London - to their local McDonalds' pay scale it doesn't mean she expected you to report it,' said a press officer for the 'Truss Liz' campaign today.

'And if she issued an amendment noting that the first statement was impractical, obvs, and that the £8.8bn would come from pegging all the Civil Servants, teachers, nurses, fire fighters etc to the local wages of Tesco shelf stackers, apart from those working in the golden city, she didn't expect you to take the press release literally,' he added.

'Now I want you all to listen carefully. Here is a press release that says Liz is not going to do any of the things she said she was going to do just a few hours ago in two separate press releases. You are not to conclude this press release titled, "Liz Truss announces a U Turn on policy", implies a U turn. Got it?'

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