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UK welcomes 'bonzer' boomerang deal

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The new trade deal with Australia is set to put the British economy on a stellar course as the UK gets access to zero tariff kangaroos, boomerangs and digeridoos. It tried to swap Rolf Harris as part of the deal, but compromised by lowering food standards to kebab floor levels.

'It was a tough negotiation, but now we can export corks attached to hats for the first time, there's no stopping us,' said a member of the government negotiating team. 'Apparently they intend cutting the corks off and sticking them in bottles of murky chemicals labelled as wine. We even get out corks back as part of the deal,' he said.

British farmers are understood to be pleased that the UK will be awash with cheap, tasteless wine as part of the deal, as it will be all they will be able to afford to drown their sorrows as their industry is sold from under them.

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