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Cornish language ‘back from the dead’

It has been reported that use of the Cornish language has increased significantly in recent years.

For those of you who will be working their way down to the end of the A30 for your holidays, here are some essential key phrases you are likely to hear from the friendly natives:-

Trega pissan par yonka

"It may stop raining by next year"

Mucha turda gratia South West Water

"You’re not thinking of swimming from this beach?"

Dra busba poldarka shagaramadingdonga?

Would you like the phone number of a sheep-dating agency?

Simpa freakan munchin

"Cream or jam first – who gives a toss?"

Kidden pistaffar 2nd cottaga buyou

"My children can’t afford to live here"

F*%k off back to England

"F*%k off back to England"


[Paying] Tourists Welcome Here

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