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Stonehenge returned to bronze age

Although it is unclear what the fault is, a Neolithic circle known as Stonehenge has been returned to the Bronze Age. This leaves the only remaining ancient artefact in our time which is five thousand years old and artificially tangerine as the next president of America.

The whirl of rocks had geologists in a spin when it developed a rusty coat. Cyril Benson, a metallurgist from Salisbury spiralled confusion by adding, 'I don't know who could love Wiltshire so much to give it a 24 carrot ring.'

Since the unexplained turn of events, lights on the A303 have mysteriously remained at amber. Oddly, this has improved traffic conditions in the area. Residents are less optimistic about the future, however. Sheila Kemp said, 'You won't believe how jammed it gets round here at the mere mention of crap circles.'

Some have speculated that a group calling themselves 'Dump the Pump(kin)' might be responsible. All which is known for sure is that shortly before its return, disgruntled Druids renamed the site Tonehenge.

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