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US chlorine-washed chicken least of our worries, admit Brits

A focus group has found that post Brexit, most British consumers would be perfectly happy to eat chlorine-washed chicken imported from the US. However, many have expressed concern that they will also be forced to eat a diet consisting of stringy American processed cheese, gassy beer, and 'wussy American mustard which has less flavour than diluted bathwater'.

After the meeting, focus group member Arthur Scoggins commented, 'Alright, so a pumpkin might be a fruit but only someone with fluff for brains would even think of putting it in a pie, and as for grits...'.

Particular scorn was directed toward Hershey bars which were described as 'tasting, almost but not quite, totally unlike chocolate'.

Others were delighted that post Brexit German measles would become a thing of the past but were worried about missing out on other European staples such as Swiss cheese, French mustard, French fries, French kissing, French letters, and Dutch caps.

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