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War criminals aside, Gillian Keegan is the most annoying person

Uniting Arab, Jew and newly qualified teachers, Keegan has established herself as the one person everyone would like to see convicted of crimes against education.

Not so much dangerous, as she is frustratingly bothersome, the Education Secretary is the answer to the question - what would Dolores Umbridge and Miss Trunchbull be like, if they were less empathetic?

In a world ravaged by the worst atrocities ever, nothing can compare to the sheer level of dumb to come out of Keegan's mouth. Even the Israeli PM admitted that although he would bomb the odd school or hospital, he would never build them with aerated concrete.

Her current plan to remove the right to strike from teachers has been greeted with all the enthusiasm as a fart in a lift. Her aide said: 'Every day is a school day - which is why we'll be getting rid of all the holidays as well.'

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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