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Warm fuzzy feeling traced to Conservative disarray

A recent feeling of inner warmth some have not been able to explain has been put down to a total and utter shambolic implosion that the Conservative leadership have foisted upon themselves. Again.

These brief moments of bliss should show the entire nation what utter wangwallops their governments have been, currently are, and will continue to be if left to their own divisive devices.

'What is this?' said a normal person. 'Is it... is it hope? A light at the end of a dark tunnel of 14 years of unequivocal mismanagement of the nation I love?'

Yes. Yes it is. But be careful what you Rish for. Remember that these imbeciles are capable of scrabbling together any old lies to scrawl on the side of a Truss. And then career that Truss right through the economy in just 49 days, causing irreparable Johnson.

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