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Conservatives celebrate VE Day 2015

Throughout the United Kingdom on 8th May 2015, a stunned nation paused to celebrate an end to bloodshed during Victory in Election Day 2015.

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Scottish Labour MPs ‘near extinction’, captive breeding program proposed

'Just lie back and think of Scottish Labour'Fears are growing for the Scottish Labour MP after a recent report suggests there may be only a single individual left in the wild. Experts have proposed a captive breeding program at Edinburgh Zoo to help increase their numbers for eventual release.

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Farage victorious in best pub crawl contest

asked to be woken up when it's all overNigel Farage has been chosen by the British electorate as the leader who has had the best pub crawl over the last four weeks.

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Voters have 24 hours left to touch me, cautions Clegg

Kingmaker, don't ya know...In a stark warning to the British electorate, the Deputy Prime Minister has made it clear that we have only one day left to ‘run our fingers through his hair’.

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Eddie Izzard wins bid to play Nicola Sturgeon in SNP biopic

the perfect man-woman-socialist-third-way guy-girl-dude for the role‘Once you see Izzard in costume for the role, you’re hit by how the similarities are staggering,’ said friend and agent Jim Murphy.

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