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Scientists research into Lib Dem ‘wobble’ shows applied left and right forces

it's just life in a gaited communityLurching from left to right, the Lib Dem ‘wobble’ has baffled scientists for years. Finally, research conducted by Penguin watchers at London Zoo may have unlocked the key to this seemingly inefficient party’s means of mobilisation.

Electronic plates were installed in the corridors of Westminster and BBC studios to measure the level of lurch to the left or right. As Lib Dems trod these paths, scientists were able to gauge how a Lib Dem politician propels himself in political life.

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UKIP vows to repeal outdated child labour laws

'only way forward is back to the past'In an unexpected and unprecedented announcement, Nigel Farage has let slip UKIP’s plans to repeal what it called restrictive and outdated labour laws relating to the employment of children.

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Chimp facing prospect of losing safest Labour seat in Scotland

set to be replaced by SNP marmosetChico the Chimp, a chimpanzee who has represented the constituency of Fife South as a Labour MP since 1997 could be set to lose the party’s safest Scottish seat, according to the latest opinion polls which suggest that his majority of over 23,000 at the 2010 General Election is set to be overturned by the SNP in the May 7th general election.

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Shock and confusion as Clegg says something sensible about drugs

back in the running for the student voteMuch to the surprise of those political correspondents who spend their time checking hens for teeth and pigs for wings, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has stunned analysts by suggesting that drug addiction is primarily a health rather than a criminal issue.

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Green Party to use ‘brain fade’ technique to develop all policies

but what about ebola pairs?Flushed with pride at a string of positive comments from members of her party after her ‘brain fade’ moment on TV, Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, has now asked her colleagues to come up with yet more ‘creative and exciting’ policies by adopting the technique.

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