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£220k for that?

The country is aghast that it has paid one of the foremost KCs a massive amount of money to prepare ex Prime Minister Johnson's defence and all it got was a fifty page diatribe full of typos, non-sequiturs and absolute BS. As one legal expert noted, 'Johnson could have tossed off that nonsense himself in half an hour'.

Many are starting to wonder if Johnson was actually told to sit in a corner and write down what he thought his defence should look like while the grown ups wrote down what they knew it should say? The thinking is that although Lord Pannick will have written something much more sublime, carefully crafted and with the apostrophes more or less in the right place it still wouldn't have provided any more defence than the busy-work Johnson provided in crayon, so he retained it in case he ever needed to re-use any of his hard crafted words for someone more deserving, Putin, perhaps.

Nonetheless an outraged country expects more than absolute Horlicks for its £220K - say 100 pages, or maybe 120. But it is simultaneously relieved that at least the final submission didn't actually include anything that would help Johnson - phew!

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