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Airbnb guests can opt out of being filmed by owners' hidden cameras

Airbnb has promised couples the choice of spycam-free rooms "for a small surcharge" which guarantees their stay won't be live-streamed to PornHub. This follows a complaint by a Sheffield couple who were shocked to learn they'd inadvertently won the porn equivalent of an Oscar after their weekend in Margate.

"This new policy should give customers an extra hour to enjoy their holiday, which is the time they'd otherwise put in shaking out flowerpots and taking apart fire alarms in the search for perv cams", says an Airbnb spokesman. "Our $50 surcharge offers priceless peace of mind".

While conceding that Airbnb entrepreneurs "like the extra perks" they get for renting their houses to strangers, he said they need to move with the times. "Renters who want to spy on their guests will just have do to it the old-fashioned way and bore a hole in the wall", he said. "That was good enough for Norman Bates".

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