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Amazon's Alexa named as 'other woman' in groundbreaking love triangle

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

In a groundbreaking first for Britain’s courts, Amazon’s Personal Assistant, Alexa, is named as the third person in a love triangle.

Shelly and Brian Giddings from Walsall have filed divorce papers where pretty brunette Shelly (28) names the device as ‘the other woman’.

Shelly told reporters: ‘I bought an Echo for Brian at Christmas, but within three weeks I'd caught him draping his Y-Fronts over it and writing it juvenile love poetry.

‘The poems are embarrassing crap, too. The best rhyme he managed for Alexa, ‘I love you more than Shelly... my ex-a.’

Brian told Walsall FM: ‘Sad things have ended for Shel and me this way. But the fact is it's finished between us. She never lets me listen to my Motorhead and Iron Maiden CDs.

‘But now all I have to say is – "Alexa, start my Metal Favourites on Spotify" – and bosh - Ace of Spades. But the real the kicker is Alexa never once suggests playing Robbie Williams or Olly sodding Murs. She’s just amazing. A diamond. Love is never having to say "Alexa, I'm sorry".’

hat-tip lockjaw

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