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Anti-abuse charity ramps up its 'Go Means Go' campaign

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The UK-based anti-abuse charity, E-nuforeddy, is ramping up its ‘Go Means Go!’ campaign. The charity aims to combat the growing problem of people being profoundly deaf to calls for them to leave.

Regional Manager, Sarah Longstory explained, ‘We’ve all been in situations with that one person who outstays their welcome. It’s difficult and traumatic for all involved. We need a way for the transgressor to understand and, more importantly, to act when they are being told to go.’

The campaign has been buoyed by recent successes where offending parties have finally succumbed to immense public pressure and left of their own volition. ‘However, we have to recognise that not all offenders find it easy to accept that they have to physically leave and not just look sheepish. Sometimes, it can take them time to actually hear the calls and let them sink in, even when, to you or I, it would be glaringly obvious; such as being swore at to the face or being on the front pages of the national newspapers.

‘For these people, we need a rigorous program of rehabilitation. We need to help them spot the signs, such as someone aggressively shouting ‘Resign’ or pointing out their illegal behaviour. We also need to teach them how to react accordingly. Sometimes even this is not enough and we need to employ specialist crews trained in dragging people out kicking and screaming. We are asking for donations today to fund a specialist unit urgently required in the Westminster area.'

By helenrushworth

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