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Archaeologists discover sub-human creature called Lee Anderthal

Archaeologists have unearthed an archaic form of human which they have called "Lee Anderthal".

The surprising discovery was made in the studios of GB News following an in-depth study by a team from Cambridge University. The being is also thought to have wandered the corridors of the House of Commons.

Primitive cave paintings thought to have been created by Lee Anderthal were found near the creature. They include the phrases “You can cook a meal for 30 pieces of corn” and “Asylum seekers should f*** off back to the Jurassic age”.

Davinia Digsworth of Cambridge University’s archaeology department said she and her team was delighted to have made such a fascinating discovery. “Lee Anderthal is basically the link between Neanderthals and humans,” she said. “It’s a sub-human form of life that seems to have thrived on nuts, fruit and whipping up hatred."

She added: “We think it’s brain was slightly more advanced that those of Neanderthals, but obviously far less capable than the ones that present-day humans have.”

The creature is due to go on display at the Nottinghamshire Museum of Racism next month.

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