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Are you election ready?

It’s happening soon and you need to get ready.  Don't delay!

Make yourself an election swear box. One pound for a swear word, two pounds if you see a slogan on a bus, three pounds for every mention of Brexit Benefits. Start saving now!

Cancel the newspapers and seal up the letter box. Put up a ‘No Callers’ sign on the door. Put up a quarantine notice. Put a rotting haddock underneath your doormat (the outside one), to keep away canvassers.

Download lots of box sets (not House of Cards) so you won't have to turn the TV on. Swear off (or at) social media. No more TikTakTokking for you.

Now set your alarm clock for July 5th 2024. Good luck!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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