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BBC Bitesize for Schools: Who Runs Our Country into the Ground?

Britain is a monarchy and in the olden days, kings and queens ran Britain into the ground. Nowadays, the monarch gives this job to a court jester sort of person called the prime minister. Running a country well and truly into the ground may seem like tough work, but our PM has been doing it with ease!

Every day, he throws parties to make sure his assistants are always drunk when they make their decisions, and he distracts attention from all the scandals he has created by throwing “red meat” to his Conservative base. People in Britain love days when the prime minister throws them red meat because they sure as hell can't afford to buy it in the shops any longer. Ask your parents about this, when they've finished having a fit about the energy bill.

As if this all of this isn’t enough work for one day, the prime minister also finds time to incite vicious mobs to attack his chief political enemy, the Leader of the Opposition! He does this by repeating baseless rumours gleaned from social media sites used by hard-right political groups, but because he said them in the Commons he cannot be sued for libel. Isn't that clever of him?

This system of government is called “demagoguery”, and it's something Britain leads the world in. You can ask your mummy and daddy to tell you more about politics in Britain. But if they have been reading this along with you then they are probably too busy weeping, right now. Give them a moment to compose themselves.

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