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BBC Parliament part-scripted reality show

In a Panorama exclusive tonight, after three and a half years of meticulous investigation, Laura Kuenssberg finally reveals what the cameras in the House of Commons are actually recording – a carefully staged, partly improvised showcase of what might happen in that grand building if we actually had a proper government.

Through interviews with the show’s writers, Richard Curtis, Jo Brand, E L James and Gary Delaney, and explorations of the daily lives of actors Pev Datel (Rishi Sunak), Kory Rinnear (Dominic Raab), Cevin Kostner (Sir Keir Starmer) and Biona Fruce (Angela Rayner), Panorama reveals the truth behind the intricately constructed media sensation which was finally outed when the penny dropped that this week’s PMQs tussle between Dominic and Angela could only have been scripted by the author of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Watch ‘Illusion of Government’ on BBC One at 9pm tonight.

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