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Biggest prize ever won on a game show is Richard Osman

Congratulations to Ingrid Oliver for becoming the person to win the biggest prize ever offered on a TV game show.

Not biggest as in the largest by height or volume, as lucky Brits in the 80s were regularly offered the chance to win caravans and such. But biggest as in best. And also most lucrative.

Actor and comedian Ingrid appeared on the celebrity game show Richard Osman's House of Games, and when asked what she had won, responded 'Richard Osman.' Ingrid and Richard will be married later this year at a ceremony once a building has been invented where Richard doesn't have to stoop to enter through the main entrance doors.

It is normal practice for celebrities who win game shows to offer the entirety of their winnings to charity. It is unclear which charity Mr. Osman will end up at, but probably not the Jeff Bezos Foundation for Pretending to Give a Crap.

Non-celebrity contestant Julie McCabe from Fife said, 'Bloody celebs always get the best stuff. When I won The Chase, I didn't even get a sniff of a shot at Bradley Walsh. I even would've accepted that I had to share him with three other contestants.'

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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