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Brave little Farage to be complimented for still trying and failing for three decades

Showing true grit, Nigel Farage’s tenacity in the face of failure must be acknowledged. Having never been elected as an MP, to keep persevering shows massive self-belief or utter madness. Perhaps a bit of both.

He does epitomise the phrase, “If at first you don’t succeed, just change the party name and try again.”

A lot of people would have given up after five attempts, which makes it even more amazing that Nigel has failed seven times with UKIP. His first go was way, way back in 1994, the month after the Channel Tunnel was opened, possibly a triggering factor.

After changing to the Brexit party, Farage made a bold move of not even trying. This tactic, yet again, failed to mean he was elected anywhere but provided a good excuse.

After a brief practice dabble as a Member of the European Parliament (Well done you!), he decided that this, his only serious elected position, must be destroyed.

Failing with UKIP, not even bothering with Brexit Party, and now reforming as some other group, we shall have to see how this pans out. Nigel will not want the phrase “Rage Quitting” to be reformed as “Fa-Rage quitting”, so fingers crossed for this brave little chap.

It should be noted, his success at influencing the UK’s standing in Europe without ever being elected will have an impact for decades. So there’s that.

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20 jun

The best is that his 'political party' isn't one it's a private company.

Me gusta
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