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Camelot and Waitrose unveil new ‘prize partnership’

Supermarket of choice for the posh and some say privileged, Waitrose, has announced a new collaboration with The National Lottery that will soon see winning ticket holders get paid, not in cash, but instead fresh produce from the store’s shelves will be the prize.

Waitrose Director of Public Affairs, Jay Lewes, told reporters: ‘We are delighted to be involved in an exciting initiative that will see real value added to the prizes.

‘For example, currently if a player matches three numbers in a standard Lotto game they win £30. However, from May match three and they will get a Waitrose voucher for a pack of our 4 Hand-Trimmed, Responsibly Husbanded, Organic Lamb Cutlets worth an impressive £45. That’s a significant 50% uplift on the prize value.'

A spokesman for Camelot said: ‘This is very exciting and is in response to suggestions that with the cost of living squeeze, prize values have become devalued in real terms recent years. We are particularly excited about the new Jackpot guidelines.

‘If players are lucky enough to match all six balls then they will be able to take the cash prize in the normal way, but should they prefer, they can waive the money and go for a much more valuable three-minute trolley dash down the fresh meat and fish aisles, thus giving a wonderful opportunity to almost double the value of their Jackpot.’

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