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Charles pursuing NZ’s Ardern in January PM transfer window

Following a successful 6 year spell as Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern will shortly be a free agent and a bidding war between some of the world’s biggest countries looks certain to follow.

Earlier in her career, Ardern had spells in the US and UK. However a big move to Washington now looks less likely, as Joe Biden has forgotten where he’d left the paperwork that would have parachuted Ardern into the Oval Office.

King Charles (aka Chuck 3) is rumoured to be a big fan, and with the current state of the UK, Ardern’s installation would be a popular formality - plus she can reach higher shelves. The only question mark is why she would risk her reputation with such a basket case of a country.

A statement from the office of Boris Johnson that no-one had asked for said ‘PMILF’.


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