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Child at the heart of the Billie Jean paternity scandal speaks out

The son a woman who was the subject of one of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, has spoken for the first time about his mother’s relationship with the ‘King of Pop’.

41-year-old Michael Jackson Junior told us, “My mother Billie Jean was a single parent. Although my father wasn’t involved in my upbringing, Mom never made a secret of his identity. I always knew I was the son of the famous singer, Michael Jackson. Mom said they met in a club in the early 1980s, where Michael used his charm to seduce her. He told her she ‘looked more like a beauty queen from a movie scene’, and that she smelled of ‘sweet perfume’. They danced till 3, then things happened much too soon, and he went to her room. Mom repeatedly said that they ‘danced on the floor in the round’. I think that must be a euphemism for ‘they went at it like rabbits on speed’.”

Michael Jackson Junior, who works as a floor polisher using his own special ‘moonwalking’ technique, added, “When Mom found out she was pregnant, she tried to contact my dad several times, but he was elusive. She eventually tracked him down a few months after I was born, when he was out on the town with his latest girlfriend. She confronted him, reminding him that her name was Billie Jean, and she caused a scene. Mom showed him a photo of me, but even though he could see my eyes were just like his, he still denied being my father. He said to his new girlfriend, ‘Billie Jean is not my lover, she’s just a girl who claims that I am the one, but the kid is not my son’.”

M.J. Junior continued, “Over the next few years, my mother made several attempts to contact my father to try to get him to accept his parental responsibilities, but he went to great lengths to avoid her. He underwent a series of operations to drastically alter his appearance and he even changed the colour of his skin, until he ended up with a face like a haunted naan bread. I don’t know why he wouldn’t admit to being my father, as by all accounts he enjoyed spending time with young boys. I always hoped that one day he would change his mind and agree to meet me, but it never happened, and he died in 2009.”

Adjusting his fedora with a white gloved hand, M.J. Junior said, “Despite growing up without a dad, I’m still a happy, fun-loving person. Sometimes I laugh till it hurts. Hee, hee, hee. OW!”

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