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China to float giant spy-cake over US

Having used balloons to infiltrate US air space, China have threatened to employ further party paraphernalia, which includes firing spy drones out a gender reveal cannon. Beijing confirmed: 'We've trained hundreds of clowns to infiltrate the White House. They should blend in perfectly with the usual collection of clowns that work there.

‘Americans rarely question the providence of a spy cameras, provided they have frosting and sprinkles on them. We’re working on audio bugs shaped like mini-pizzas and spy-pens concealed in hot dogs. All of our surveillance equipment will be covered in glitter and any future spy balloons will be shaped like animals.’

One startled American said: 'I was a bit surprised to see a Chinese spy plane flying overhead, but I felt so relieved when I saw it trailing a banner saying ‘Happy 50th, Suzy’.’

image from pixabay

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