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Covid restrictions cause queue of chickens waiting to come home to roost outside No 10

A queue of chickens has built up outside 10 Downing Street. When questions, members of the queue explained that they were waiting to come home to roost but Covid restrictions meant that only a small number are allowed in at a time.

"I'm here about a certain blonde 'telecoms advisor'.", explained Ms Clucky, "But I've simply got to wait my turn while the Christmas parties and redecoration chickens are in there building a nest."

It's thought that Downing Street has put pressure on the Health Department to introduce even more stringent restrictions on chickens but the Health Minister has resisted saying, "It just feels a bit odd to single out chickens."

Further down the queue, there is some despondency; "I don't think I'll ever get in.", said Mrs Peckpeck of Peckham. "I'm here with a group of friends about made up articles in the Spectator, but we've two mistresses and the Brexit bus in front of us."

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