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Downing Street parties now dominant strand of Johnson incompetence

Revelations of Downing Street parties during from the pandemic are growing exponentially, and are now the dominant strand of Boris Johnson incompetence, it has been revealed

'Earlier strands of incompetence from Johnson were quite virulent, for sure', noted one leading epidemiologist today. 'His newspaper writing for the Telegraph and Spectator are particularly toxic. And his general buffoonery has certainly transmitted widely in the community, and is probably best now seen as endemic.'

'But this latest strand is spreading like wildfire. It seems to be incubated particularly well by close bystanders to Johnson, but once airborne, it is taking hold just by standing close to a TV, or scrolling through your Twitter feed.'

The R number for reports of illegal gatherings at Number 10 during lockdown is now at 4.9, meaning for every party reported in the press, Dominic Cummings is frantically blogging away about 5 more.

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