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Electorate rejoices at budget

Scarcely had Chancellor Jeremy Hunt had sat down, the electorate stood as one and cheered.

'Infrastructure is going to be improved,' shouted a trader at Canary Wharf, who now realises he can cut his Oyster Cards costs to next to nothing once he buys a prime piece of real estate next to his workplace as his work locality is levelled up.  'Hell, I may even start to work from home and still meet up with the team in the pub at five,' he said.

'Thank the Lord we don't have to recalculate our income stream,' shouted millions of pensioners, relieved that NI, not income tax, was being reduced.  The sentiment was echoed by the millions of zero hour, part time minimum wage workers who admitted it really didn't matter which tax was reduced as they don't pay either.  The government has rightly branded these low paid workers as tax avoiding scroungers.  But not during the budget, obviously.

'It's about time the government did something about these loaded millionaires taking advantage of the multiple purchase stamp duty exemption scam,' mumbled a man in a suit stood at the despatch box during the budget, admittedly after taking advantage of the 'scam' for about thirteen properties before the rule was changed.

The HSE noted that they would have warned the Chancellor to duck as he left the House of Commons due to the lack of fiscal headroom he has left himself, or more likely Rachel Reeves, but the lack of investment in publicly funded bodies precluded anyone being available.

image from pixabay

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