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Exclusive Truss's Conference walk-on music will be The Prodigy's Firestarter

Following on from our exclusive revelations on Liz Truss's upcoming Tory Party Conference keynote address, NewsBiscuit understands the walk-on music to welcome the PM to the lectern in Birmingham will be The Prodigy's Firestarter.

A cabinet insider who wished to remain anonymous but is more than likely Jacob Rees-Mogg, given their preposterously florid language said: 'It was thought playing a song from the Hit Parade, as we did when Mrs May took to the stage to the strains of Dancing Queen, went so well, that we jolly well ought to do it again.

'We all had a brainstorming session on the cabinet's electrical symposium WhatsApp collective contraption, and this selection seems to have found favour as being an entirely apposite metaphor for the PM's premiership to date. Although to me it doesn't sound like music at all. It's just a raucous din. Rather a lot of shouting and banging.'

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