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Football fans conned out of hundreds of pounds in latest scam

Scammers are cynically targeting football fans and taking advantage of their allegiance to their clubs. This fans story is typical -

‘I bought my tickets from a reputable source and paid using my credit card. The tickets were for a home game in the league, against another premiership club. The tickets looked absolutely genuine and I didn’t suspect a thing. It’s the perfect con.

On the day of the match I presented my tickets and everything seemed fine. The trouble started when I got to my seat. I was expecting to see about £500m worth of football talent on the pitch, but the manager was resting everyone ahead of a cup game. So I paid out big bucks to watch what is effectively the second team. I’m out of pocket and there’s nothing I can do – apart from warning other fans about this terrible scam.’

All the names in this story have been changed, to protect Chelsea FC.

Image: Pixabay/Stux

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