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Gaza sends thoughts and prayers to Rochdale

With the looming Rochdale by election poised to embarrass more or less everybody, the people of Gaza have been sending thoughts and prayers.

Youssef Younis said 'In Gaza, buried in the rubble and surrounded by the dead, under the constant barrage of Netanyahu’s bombs and bullets, I feel sorry for those poor people who live in a truly barren hellscape: Rochdale. Imagine that plus having George Galloway knocking on doors near where you live. No thank you! Where's Rula Lenska when you need her?'

He added 'It’s a good job that all those bombs and bullets are only killing Hamas members and therefore ordinary Gazan citizens are left unharmed to go about their business. Otherwise Netanyahu would be deliberately radicalising another entire generation.'

Israel’s upcoming ground offensive will now focus on both Rafah and Rochdale.

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