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General Election result may, or may not, demonstrate a Brexit benefit

Political experts are arguing about whether the recent British general election does, or does not, demonstrate the delivery of a ‘Brexit benefit’.

One faction argues that there is a demonstrable Brexit benefit, because a significant political change at the election was achieved without riots, arson, burning cars and smashed up police stations. They argue that Brexit has allowed Britain to distance itself from the political excitabilities often seen in Europe.  The disturbances in France, after their recent election, for example.

The opposing faction argues that there is no Brexit benefit. They say that the more sanguine approach of the Brits to political change has been part of the national character for a long time.  They argue that the so-called benefit was there before we joined the EU, during our membership, and after Brexit. 

Both factions are, however, agreed that the current status quo may be tested by the recent election of a small number of hard right MPs. They are concerned that the hard right might wish to underline their political views with some ‘spontaneous’ riots.  Even if this does then invite comparisons with politics in foreign countries…

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