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Gillette finally launches five bladed lawnmower

Razor manufacturer Gillette, say they are pleased to announce the launch of a revolution in grass cutting in time for Christmas with their five bladed “Pentacut” lawnmower, which they say will cut the grass close, then closer still and even still closer.

“The future gets nearer all the time” said Gillette’s senior sales manager at the product launch press conference. He went on to say it was an idea he had twenty years ago, but at that time, the design team were all growing beards and going vegan, so didn’t understand the concept at all.

The five bladed lawnmower is more expensive than the single-bladed equivalent Gillette’s competitors manufacture, but Gillette are confident that once people have tried the Pentacut, they’ll never go back.

Standard colour for the Pentacut is blue, but a pink version is available, retailing at five times the price, which if sales go well, may lead to a rainbow coloured version being launched in time for next Christmas.

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