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HBO releases The West Wing - The Biden Years

It was announced today that HBO will release a sequel to award-winning political show The West Wing, focussing on the years of “Grandpa” Joe Biden’s presidency.

Writer Aaron Sorkin’s heavy cocaine use has often been cited as the reason for the fast-talking intellectual brilliance of the original show. It’s thought he’s now taking ketamine to help him reproduce Joe Biden’s speech patterns.

'There was scene in the West Wing where the president accidentally took two different pain meds when he was supposed to take one or the other, and became dazed and incoherent as a result,” explained Sorkin. “So now I just have to write the whole show that way.'

'The Biden Years will contain just as many witty and quotable lines as the original,' an HBO executive reassured reporters today. “'n fact, even though the show hasn’t officially been released, the scene where Biden assembles his staff and tells them ‘We gotta beat Medicare… the number of people, so many people… I just can’t believe… they never even… is it Tuesday today?’ has already become a viral internet sensation.'

It’s not known what new elements they plan to introduce for the second season, though the title of the first episode is said to be “The 25th Amendment”.

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