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Human rights are for nerds say Tories

The European Court of Human Rights is a left-wing conspiracy, blocking every righteous Englishman’s view of the sunlit uplands. That’s the view of the Why Don’t You Go Back To Your Own Country Secretary, Suella Braverman.

When it was pointed out that the ECHR is not connected to the EU, leave voter Gary Grimthwaite turned puce with ill-defined rage and exploded ‘It has the word “European” in it! That makes me physically sick. This Government must leave the ECHR – make us more like Russia and Belarus. Take away our basic human rights, so that it’s easier to sink the boats! After all, I’d be able to protest about it, without getting kettled, arrested, detained without trial, tortured and my corpse buried where no one will ever find it.’

‘Human rights are for nerds and I’m not a nerd.’

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