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If Suella Braverman breaks the law in Diego Garcia but no one notices, has a law really been broken?

You know Diego Garcia, right? He was in that Spanish film with Jorge Cloonio and Bradundo Pitto. No he wasn't, he's a little-known weird British island used as a secret naval base in the Indian Ocean, missing its entire middle bit and any sense of morality.

94 Tamil people seeking asylum but stranded in limbo have been held in terrible conditions, tortured, sexually abused and left to rot in suicidal states because that's what British values are now. That is, of course until Suella Braverman finally got her wet 'dream' and finally managed to illegally mistreat 'illegals' away to Rwanda.

Just when she thought she was quietly getting away with it by taking a load of presser chums on a jolly to Kigali, she cleverly blew her own cover and someone noticed that she was doing to international law what David Cameron did to a pig.

Oh well, Suehella, better luck next time with being Britain's worst mastermind criminal since Priti Patel. Maybe someone even more disgraceful than you will put you in charge of English justice again?

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