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Jurgen Klopp arranging for more players’ family members to be kidnapped

Following Luis Diaz’s stoppage time goal against Luton Town, saving Liverpool from an embarrassing defeat by the Premier League minnows, manager Jurgen Klopp is said to be considering having more of his players’ family members kidnapped.

'Diaz never seemed to be giving his best before,' Klopp allegedly told reporters today. 'It’s clear that worrying about his father’s kidnap has really lit a fire under him.'

Sources suggest Klopp is planning the kidnapping of Mohammed Salah’s aunt, Diogo Jota’s nephew and Darwin Nunez’s pedigree cocker spaniel. Suggestions he might also take relatives of the match officials to gain leverage over them were dismissed as unnecessary by a Sky Sports spokesman. 'Clubs like Liverpool make us far more money than clubs like Luton, so the result was neVAR really in doubt.'

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