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Keir Starmer stars in first conservatives Christmas advert

Broadcast on primetime television last night, The Conservative Party released their first ever Christmas advert with an unlikely star. Keir Starmer was front and centre in the festive piece of right-wing political advertising, looking merry among a range of festive imagery.

In one scene he is seated on a fence, patiently waiting for Santa Claus to swoop down and tell him what to endorse. In another, he opens a present to reveal a life-size Tony Blair costume. Sunak was notably absent from the advert, but that didn’t put a damper on Starmer’s Christmas spirit. Among bewilderment by its viewers, a spokesperson for Starmer released a statement about the advert.

‘The truth is that they had a fantastic script that Keir couldn’t get enough of. He recognises the important differences between him and The Conservatives but hopes that they can come together for a common cause - celebrating the spirit of Christmas. This is not, however, an endorsement of the party’s politics. Any attempt to spin that narrative is outrageous and unseasonal.’

The Conservative Party unveiled a brand new festive slogan at the end of the advert, read by a Starmer as a voiceover. ‘This Christmas, anyone can be a Conservative. Even those you least expect.’

By Arborio Mulling

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